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What to do if CPAP doesn’t work? Are there alternatives?

Those who simply cannot cope with the CPAP mask often feel left alone by their sleep labs. Our experts Prof. Heiser and Prof. Sommer explain that there are numerous other effective alternatives.

Digital Health in Sleep Medicine

Digitization does not stop at sleep medicine either. The Covid-19 pandemic has further accelerated this effect. The sleep experts Prof. Heiser and Prof. Sommer therefore talk about current trends in this area and what effects it could have on our care structures.

Neurostimulation as an alternative therapy for OSA // An experts and patients talk

In this online symposium, Prof. Dr. Arzt from Regensburg, Dr. Woerhle from Ulm and Dr. Dora Triché from Nuremberg, all renowned experts in the field of internal medicine and sleep medicine, discuss modern neurostimulation procedures for OSA, also called tongue pacemakers, for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Mr. Pillich completes the group, who reports about his journey and life with the Inspire system as a patient.